MEND 7-13 :Program Intervensi terhadap Obesitas pada Anak-anak

By Adrean Angga Meliala
mend-319The MEND Foundation (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do IT!)is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to inspire children, families and adults to lead and sustain fitter, healthier and happier lives.

  1. Mind Sessions include :
    •    Goals and rewards
    •    External and internal triggers
    •    Role modeling
    •    Problem solving
    The final Mind session highlights the positive qualities of each child as identified by their MEND peers, parents and leaders. This serves to boost the child’s self-esteem and sense of self-worth. Each child receives a Good Things About Me poster as a reminder of the good qualities others see in each of them.
  2. ExerciseModerate to Vigorous Physical Activity but not Strenuous, and Fun!MEND 7-13 offers a wide range of popular games and activities that may include kickball, partner tag and playing with a Frisbee®
    The MEND 7-13 Program also encourages daily physical activity and family participation.  Families learn how to add activity to the child’s day such as walking to school and helping with chores, and they explore ideas for free and low-cost fun activities that the child and family can do together.
  3. Nutrition :
    • Healthy eating and nutrition targets
    • Refined and unrefined foods
    • Fats and sugars
    • Label reading
    • Portion sizes
    • Shopping and cooking the MEND way
    • How to survive eating out and other tempting occasions
    • Supermarket Tour : children and families become detectives in search of MEND-Friendly foods. This is a fun, practical way for families to use their label reading skills and knowledge to navigate the supermarket aisles and choose healthier foods.
  4. Do It! :Reflection on Healthy Lifestyle Choices and Putting them into action for long-term changes

References :

Sacher, Paul M., et al. “Randomized controlled trial of the MEND program: a family‐based community intervention for childhood obesity.” Obesity 18.S1 (2010): S62-S68.



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