Parent-Focused Preschool Child Obesity Intervention ( Virginia Department of Health )


Oleh : Saraswati Anindhita

In the Virginia WIC program, parents attend educational groups once every 2 months and an individual session with a WIC nutritionist every 6 months. The educational groups are led by nutritionists or nutrition assistants. The Fit WIC intervention modified the educational groups’ content and provided activities to reinforce the educational message but did not modify the frequency or duration of the bimonthly and semiannual contacts.

For the Fit WIC intervention, the educational groups were used over a 1-year period to introduce WIC participants to 6 key messages:

(1) increase physical activity

(2) monitor mealtime behavior

(3) limit household television viewing

(4) drink water instead of sweetened beverages

(5) consume 5 fruits or vegetables daily

(6) increase family activities to promote fitness.

This study demonstrates the feasibility of influencing parental behavior to promote healthy eating and activity behaviors in preschool children by following an anticipatory guidance model for nutrition and fitness.

Reference :

McGarvey, E., Keller, A., Forrester, M., Williams, E., Seward, D., & Suttle, D. E. (2004). Feasibility and benefits of a parent-focused preschool child obesity intervention. American Journal of Public Health, 94(9), 1490-1495.


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