Stress Management and Resiliency Training (SMART) : Care for The Caregiver

woman-at-besideBy Adrean Angga Meliala

“Physician distress is common and related to numerous factors involving physicians’ personal and professional lives. Stress Management and Resiliency Training (SMART) program teaches self-care practices that help buffer daily stress, making participants less emotionally and physically vulnerable to it.  This program is designed to help participants regain control and build resilience through a variety of mind body principles and self-care interventions, leading to reduced medical symptoms and enhanced quality of life.”

Program Overview :

This program combines the advantages of a skill-building, hands-on classroom model with the proven benefits of a social support model.  Components of the program include:

  • Three individual appointments
  • Eight weekly two-hour group sessions
  • Two Relaxation Response practice CDs

During the interactive group sessions participants build resiliency by:

  • Learning multiple ways to elicit the relaxation response (the body’s natural buffer against the stress response)
  • Increasing awareness of stress warning signals so steps can be taken to prevent stress from building up to dangerous levels
  • Incorporating a variety of adaptive strategies into their lives that have been shown to reduce stress and enhance quality of life.
  • Picture

References :

Sood, Amit, et al. “Stress management and resilience training among Department of Medicine faculty: a pilot randomized clinical trial.” Journal of general internal medicine 26.8 (2011): 858-861.–hospitals.html


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