Increasing Physical Activity with Expanded Learning Time ( ELT ) Model for Children with Obesity in Massachusetts


Oleh : Saraswati Anindhita

The Expanded Learning Time Model in Massachusetts

Twenty-two schools in Massachusetts have received grants to adopt an expanding learning time model (ELT) and have incorporated more time for such activities through a variety of strategies including adding and/or expanding physical education classes, adding and/or expanding recess, and adding new health and fitness electives. These schools have also initiated a range of community partnerships with entities such as YMCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs, and community centers to connect youth in these schools to the organizations’ sta and facilities

For example, three middle schools in Boston that offer ELT offer a menu of health and fitness electives led by teachers and community partners, including a running club, step team, and competitive basketball, football, volleyball, and dance teams. The schools have established partnerships with the Boston Ballet to offer dance, partner with the Charlestown Community Center and Boston Centers for Youth and Families to offer swimming, and offer break-dancing in partner-ship with the Bird Street Community Centre.

Menurut saya program aktivitas fisik tambahan jam diluar pelajaran cukup baik untuk diterapkan di Indonesia. Program ini sudah pernah dicanangkan tetapi belum terlaksana karena masih menemukan pro kontra. Program ini akan berjalan baik apabila siswa/i diberikan kesempatan untuk berpartisipasi dalam memilih kegiatan yang disukai dan siswa/i memiliki kesempatan untuk melakukan perencanaan dalam pelaksanaan kegiatan.

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