The Melbourne inFANT Program : A parent focused child obesity prevention intervention


Oleh : Saraswati Anindhita

The Melbourne InFANT Program is a cluster-randomized controlled trial which involved 542 mothers over their newborn’s first 18 months of life. The intervention focused on parenting skills and strategies, including parental modeling, and aimed to promote development of healthy child and parent behaviors from birth, including healthy diet, increased physical activity and reduced TV viewing time.

This dietician-delivered intervention comprised six 2-hour sessions delivered quarterly during the regular meeting time of the first-time parents’ group. Based on the theory of anticipatory guidance, the intervention incorporated a range of modes of delivery and educational strategies including brief didactic sessions, use of group discussion and peer support, exploration of perceived barriers and facilitators, use of visual and written messages, and mail-outs. Intervention materials incorporated six purpose designed key messages within a DVD and written handouts: “Eat together, play together”, “Colour every meal with fruit and veg”, “Parents provide, kids decide”, “Tap on water”, “Snack on fruit and veg”, “Off and running”.

Menurut saya program ini sangat baik karena targetnya adalah first time parents yang belum banyak mengetahui tentang bagaimana menanamkan pola hidup sehat untuk dirinya sendiri dan anaknya. Fokus program ini adalah parenting skill until mempromosikan positive lifestyle behaviour sehingga selain mencegah obesitas yang terjadi pada anaknya misalnya dengan pola menyusui yang baik tetapi dapat pula meningkatkan mother’s dietary pattern

Reference :

Lioret, S., Campbell, K. J., Crawford, D., Spence, A. C., Hesketh, K., & McNaughton, S. A. (2012). A parent focused child obesity prevention intervention improves some mother obesity risk behaviors: the Melbourne inFANT program. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 9(1), 1.


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