Gender-focused HIV and pregnancy prevention for school-going adolescents

Oleh Mahanani Satiti


1. This pilot study evaluated a 15-session classroom intervention for HIV and pregnancy prevention

2. Subjects: 8–10 boys and girls (aged 14–17 years) in rural South Africa

3. Methods: guided by gender-empowerment theory and implemented by teachers, nurses, and youth peer educators.

Pre- and post-intervention surveys included 933 male and female students in two intervention and two comparison schools.

4. Results: The main outcome was condom use at last sex; secondary outcomes were partner communication, gender beliefs and values, perceived peer behaviors, and self-efficacy for safer sex.

At 5 months post-intervention, change in condom use did not differ between intervention and comparison schools. Intervention school youth had greater increases in self-efficacy for unsafe sex refusal


Harrison, A., Hoffman, S., Mantell, J. E., Smit, J. A., Leu, C. S., Exner, T. M., & Stein, Z. A. (2016). Gender-focused HIV and pregnancy prevention for school-going adolescents: The Mpondombili pilot intervention in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Journal of HIV/AIDS & Social Services, 15(1), 29-47.


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